About Us

better homes for a Better world

At Greenhab Living, we care about our community and our clients. Every member of Greenhab Living is a military Veteran, and we built our company around the same core values.  We entered the real estate industry in response to the unethical practices affecting our neighbors and family; real estate can feel like the wild west, and it’s hard to know who can be trusted, so we’ve built our reputation around our integrity.

We serve our neighbors with honor because nobody should be taken advantage of when they are already facing major life challenges.  We are eager to talk to homeowners about what their home is worth, what it costs to repair it, or how to talk to the bank/realtor/cash buyer/etc. 

We want to empower you with the information you need to make the best decision for you, even if it isn’t us!  If you decide to sell, we’ll be happy to give you a zero-obligation cash offer.  If you’re not selling anytime soon, we help homeowners interested in solar, as well!  We’ve been through the confusion and risk of buying solar and know all the horror stories, so we’re here to provide solar PV systems at affordable prices. 


Meet Our Experts


Retired Army Captain nurse with a bachelor’s degree in nursing, a home staging certification, and a healthcare and military service history that has instilled much compassion. Rene is the matriarch, CEO, and head of the family, holding us together. She has the biggest heart and most creative energy out of everyone here!


With a degree in business management, Kareena spent four years in the Air Force and three years in construction, where she learned a lot about building a house. She is our expert in all things DIY (and lawn care, too!)


Following her six years in the Army, Shalara got her psychology degree and then went on to study physics at UTSA before developing a passion for real estate! She is working hard to bridge the gap between the scientific community’s environmental goals and the practical limitations of running a business in a dynamic economy.

Have any questions?

Our Team of experts are ready to talk with you through all your options, or answer any questions you may have.

Contact us, and let’s see how Greenhab Living can help you start your sustainable journey!